Class Rules

Class Rules

The J/24 is a one design class created to fulfill the diverse needs of recreational sailors such as cruising, one design racing, day sailing and handicap racing. The class rules are intended to preserve important design characteristics of the J/24: ease of handling, low cost of ownership, safety, comfort, and the one design nature of the boat. Changes to class rules are periodically made by the IJCA at the annual World Council Meeting. The most recent version of the class rules may be found below.

J/24 Class Rules – updated April 1 2013

J24 Class Rules changes with comments 2013


As a strict one-design class, all boats participating in World Qualifier or championship events (e.g. – Canadians, North Americans, Worlds) are required to measure within class rules and hold a current measurement certificate. A full boat measurement is required for boats that have not been previously measured or the class does not have a measurement certificate on file. A partial measurement is required to confirm a specific modification to a boat is within class rules. When a boat is sold, the measurement certificate can remain current and transferred to the new boat owner. A measurement certificate typically cannot be obtained at an event.

Boats should carry their measurement certificate, including the Inventory of Required and Optional Equipment form, at all times when racing. Owners should be prepared to have measurement compliance confirmed as part of event registration or during events.

A full or partial measurement session may be arranged and additional information on the measurement process may obtained by contacting our National Measurer. Additional measurement information may also be found below.

How to Obtain a Measurement Certificate

J24 Measurement Manual – revised March 2013
Note that the appendices of the Measurement Manual contain all measurement forms and measurement template details.

J24 Inventory Form – revised April 2011

Change of Ownership Declaration

Regatta Management

The following regulations, templates, and forms should be used when organizing a World Qualifier or Championship regatta (e.g. – Canadians, North Americans, Worlds).

IJCA Regatta Regulations V6.0 – updated December 2010

IJCA Standard Sailing Instructions – updated November 2010

Scoring Penalty Acceptance Form

Crew Change Request Form

Sail Change Request Form

Racing Declaration Form